our history

Embarking on a journey that had been for  20 years (1993 – 2013) working for Lorber Projects,  Mr. P.B.W. Wanda (known as Wellington) decided to open up a residential maintenance and renovations company that occasionally does minor construction projects, by the name of Welluvas Projects. Unfortunately, the founder was only able to see and grow the company for 5 years before his untimely passing and it was not able to reach it’s full potential.

 The founder has always thrived from the inception of the company to deliver quality work, leave the client happy and made it his mission to learn and lean on the shoulders of bigger companies to improve the rates of growth professionally and personally. He has instilled these traits into his team and employees, the fuel that keeps the company running is one hand washes the other.

 The founder was known to continuously push the work to the extent that sometimes he would even be hands-on with the project. Workers always said “Thetha Mathetha” which translates to speak Mr. Wanda whenever he was on site saying, “push, push, push! the work guys”, this was to ensure that we would rather finish a project before scheduled time rather than later.

 After the passing of his father in 2018, his son Mr T.F. Wanda took over and renamed the company “Mathetha Projects” in tribute to his late father. He is determined to take the company to new heights and to compete with industry giants. The first few years of the company’s life span were not easy, there have been a lot of challenges that have come up along the way but the Mathetha Projects family have made it their life’s mission to press on, push forward and progress. The many conquered obstructions that the company had in such a short period of operating shows the immense courage and resilience of the team. The teams strong work ethic, impeccable team spirit, respect for others and also self, hardwork and determination ensures we always come up top of every challenge and achieve our goals.

Mr PBW Wanda